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  Refractory glass thanks its stand features current temperature changes and permanently serving temperature of 800 ° c. The flames also can be traced to the naked eye.



Refractory glass is installed where you need protection from the use of naked flames.

  It is used for:

  • installation in fireplaces, bakery, grills, and more.
  • installation in your home. appliances (oven, pizza oven, etc.).
  • installation of the stove on the solid fuel.
  • installation in a pen and analyzed through the industry.

    Characteristics of
  • transparent, straight and thermally permeable.
  • long term usage time (10 am >): 800 ° C 
  • endurance on temperature impact from 580 ° c.
  • softening temperature: 1100 ºc.
  • thermal conductivity at 90 ° C: 1.2 W/m2
  • coefficient of elasticity: 68kN/mm2.

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