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  Pyrex thanks its stand features current temperature changes and permanently serving temperature of 800 ° c. Fireproof Glass is a mineral resistant to heat, pressure or chemical influence, and therefore has specific thermal conductivity ranges and keofficers of thermal expansion.  They have standard size and shapes. They can still be divided into standard or special dimensions (shapes). Standard dimensions are consistent with the production program of the refractory furnace or fireplace.   Special dimensions of the recontinuous glass are with the dimensions required for the installation or replacement of the repermanent glass as desired, measures or needs of the purchaser.     Pyrex is installed where you need protection from the use of naked flames.

  It is used for:

  • installation in fireplaces, mangale, grills, and more.
  • installation in your home. appliances (oven, pizza oven, etc.).
  • installation of the stove on the solid fuel.
  • installation in a pen and analyzed through the industry.

    Characteristics of
  • transparent, straight and termopropusno.
  • long term usage time (10 am >): 800 ° C 
  • endurance on temperature impact from 580 ° c.
  • softening temperature: 1100 ºc.
  • thermal conductivity at 90 ° C: 1.2 W/m2
  • coefficient of elasticity: 68kN/mm2.

  One of the important features of the repermanent glass is that the flame can be traced with the naked eye and the flame can no longer touch the glass without negative impact.


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