Installation of refractory glass

When INSTALLING REFRACTORY GLASS SHOULD LOOK OUT for the FOLLOWING To be contact between glass and metal frames. to avoid this you need sealing on both sides of the box, preferably with samolepljivom bezazbestnom braid. This will adjust smaller differences in dimensions and help with spreading glass and metal due to temperature. It is very important that the frame is stable and resilient and their form of use deformation does not occur because it would eventually led to the cracking of glass. When installing the glass screws tighten diagonally to the unilateral napregnutosti. Tighten the screws so that the glass can be moved into the.

EXPLANATIONS for the INSTALLATION since the glass and metal behave differently to changing temperatures it is very important to follow the instructions for installation. When you change the temperature from 100 ° C at 100 mm length of the metal expands 0, 12 mm while the glass 0.003 mm. At long heating to 400 ° C difference in temperature to room temperature is 380 ° f. On this occasion, 100 mm metal extending 0, 45 mm while the glass collected 0, 06mm.

The RESULT in case the glass is fitted too tight inevitably shoot the same. Because metal expands it is trying to move to transfer on glass. If the screws are too tight and glass can flow well comes to breaking point.

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