"ROMIKS" is a family company specialized for production and processing of glass and products from glass.

"ROMIKS" has a long tradition of production and breeding of glass and its processing by cutting, grinding, drilling, fazing, engraving, baking, polishing, etc.

On the foundations of many years of business, our company has acquired an envious experience and inserts. We also provided the appropriate equipment and certificates necessary for business within the framework of our activities. We are not to invest in technological equipment and education of workers and associates, and consequently we have created a great base for the continuous process of improving existing and new services or products.

Over the years of work, there is a continuous increase of users of our products and the development of new services.

The business success of our company is based on the dedication and knowledge of employees. We strive to employ, develop and motivate employees and cultivate a culture of international enterprises. Investing in knowledge and development is the foundation of our professionalism, the flexibility and innovation that ensure successful performance of projects and the quality of our services

All employees advocate the finding of quality, rational, efficient and above all applicable solutions.

With production program and reference papers, you can meet on the separate pages of our site.

Refractory and Tempered glass. Production and sales